Toddler + Tropicals

This is what happens when I bring my work home with me – I get planting help from these little hands. I’m totally biased, but I think this is my best work yet!

Prism Terrarium

Cold? Need to feel a little warmth? This little prism will open your mind and transport you to a desert landscape far away from all this snow! I’ve filmed a lot of planters in the last year, but this one is a favourite. If you like it too, check it out here.

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses!

“When your body feels strong and healthy, your mind feels strong and healthy,” Wise words for personal trainer extraordinaire, Jenni Hogan. I made this video for her in January and I have finally started training with her myself. She is helping me get in touch with my ‘inner beast’ and reach my goals. For more info, check her out at

Happy Holidays

Since July I’ve been tracking poinsettias from behind a camera lens at West Coast Gardens. These festive plants, that we use to brighten our spaces for the Holidays have had a long journey. From planting to perfection – this is your poinsettia’s story. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from West Coast Gardens and from me!

Jazz Talk

Mark Glanville is a scholar, a pastor and a long-time friend. He is also a phenomenal jazz pianist. He commissioned this video through a Church in Phoenix and we filmed it right here in Vancouver. This video was my first multi-camera shoot and it was my first time recording live music – I loved it!

We are all pretty happy with the final results. Many thanks to Daniel Irvine for shooting on the third camera and for technical and support.  We are all hoping to work together again soon.

Fresh and Fragrant Foot Bath

It’s that season of hiking, biking and hot spring hunting. Though a hot bath may be the last thing on your mind in the heat, feet can always use a refresher. Here is a short video recipe for a sweet foot soak made with fresh herbs from my garden. See the full post and get the recipe on Hotsprung.

West Coast Gardens

DSC_0913This spring I’ve been producing videos, taking photos and writing articles for a nursery, garden and lifestyle store near White Rock called West Coast Gardens.

Living in the city I often forget how sublime the drive through the lower mainland can be and how close to agriculture we are. When I arrive it’s to a magical place where the air could be bottled and sold – it’s really that fragrant.

While working there I’ve been gleaning wisdom from expert gardeners on topics like, Drought Resistant Plants, Growing Tomatoes and (coming soon) Plants for Pollinators and sharing it on the The West Coast Gardens Blog.

The most fun projects for me have been making videos of planter builds and about garden care. It’s hard to choose a favourite video, but The Waltz of the Hanging Baskets seems to be getting the most votes. You can see them all on West Coast Gardens’ Vimeo page.



First Camping Trip of The Season

My gift this Mother’s Day was venturing out on our first camping trip of the season. It was nice to be out together exploring the world though a toddlers eyes. The footage is pretty rough – partly because we discovered some greasy fingerprints on the lens – but we were able to capture our Munchkin and each other in a few sweet moments that we are already grateful to remember.

Paloma’s Landscaping Party

Late this fall our little family moved into a housing co-op in our neighbourhood. We are slowly discovering the joys of living in such a supportive community. This weekend it was our Landscaping party and we had members turn out in record numbers to lend a hand to make our community spaces more livable. I was able to film the event and – I hope – capture the spirit of our community.

Sweet Succulents

Isn’t this succulent planter sweet? Another little video “How To” video for West Coast Gardens.