First Camping Trip of The Season

My gift this Mother’s Day was venturing out on our first camping trip of the season. It was nice to be out together exploring the world though a toddlers eyes. The footage is pretty rough – partly because we discovered some greasy fingerprints on the lens – but we were able to capture our Munchkin and each other in a few sweet moments that we are already grateful to remember.

Paloma’s Landscaping Party

Late this fall our little family moved into a housing co-op in our neighbourhood. We are slowly discovering the joys of living in such a supportive community. This weekend it was our Landscaping party and we had members turn out in record numbers to lend a hand to make our community spaces more livable. I was able to film the event and – I hope – capture the spirit of our community.

Sweet Succulents

Isn’t this succulent planter sweet? Another little video “How To” video for West Coast Gardens.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from myself and from West Coast Gardens! I’ve started to do some feature writing and videos for this lovely greenhouse and garden store. It’s a beautiful destination just outside of White Rock. The staff is so kind, friendly and knowledgeable you are sure to find perfect plants no matter what you are looking for. What I really love about West Coast Gardens is their focus on Education – take a look at their upcoming classes. You might see me there!


Digging Into Community

This fall we moved into a housing co-op. We love our new community. This little video is just a taste of what co-op life is all about: neighbours helping each other build their community.

Micro Fiction: A Perfect Doll

Some things are super fun when they are pint-sized; like cars, people and stories! The micro fiction or flash fiction movement is gaining momentum and it’s a style that I’m really enjoying. This is a piece that was written for a contest where the word count maxed out at 250 word and the audience was looking for something a little unusual. Coming in at 246 here was my submission – A Perfect Doll.

A Perfect Doll
By Natasha Irvine

When Lauren was handed her son for the first time, she glowed with pride at the nurse’s assessment: he was a perfect doll. He had that Gerber quality to him; pink and pudgy with bright blue eyes, a lick of downy blonde hair and lips that formed perfect rosebud mouth. Lauren called him Lucas because he would bring so much light to her life.

He took well to the bottle, and despite all the horror stories she had heard about not getting any sleep, Lucas slept like a dream — and so did she. When Lauren would put him down, Lucas would simply fall asleep. When she picked him up — pop — his eyes would open and he would coo contentedly at her.

It wasn’t until Lucas was two months old that Lauren started to become concerned. Those perfect lips had yet to smile at her, and even for a newborn, Lucas seemed too floppy and listless. When Lauren felt the lump on his back she finally decided to take him to the doctor.

The doctor was patient with Lauren and listened to all of her new-mother concerns before reaching for Lucas to examine him. But one look at Lucas and his face blanched. The doctor turned him over to feel for the lump on Lucas’s back. He withdrew his hand slowly, holding a plastic ring with a string that was attached to the baby. “Mama,” said Lucas, as the string recoiled. His rosebud lips remained perfectly still.