PLAY HOUSE – The Architecture of Daniel Evan White

This fall I worked on a series of six videos for the Museum of Vancouver’s Exhibition PLAY HOUSE – The Architecture of Daniel Evan White. It’s a privilege to share these vignettes of the spaces and the people that inhabit them. The video above is one of my favourites, but you can find  the others  on my Vimeo page and here.

More about the Exhibit from the Museum of Vancouver: 

PLAY HOUSE – The Architecture of Daniel Evan White
at the Museum of Vancouver, October 17 2013 – March 30 2014
Architect Daniel Evan White produced a remarkably consistent oeuvre of iconic homes in British Columbia during a 50-year career. His unique interpretation of building form and landscape challenged the traditional images of house and home and their relationship to the natural environment.

PLAY HOUSE: The Architecture of DANIEL EVAN WHITE ventures through the architect’s mind, hands and eyes to explore the creative process that transforms the house from a simple desire into a constructed reality. A number of selected projects, including the exhibition space itself, explore the territory between the abstract and the real: the space between the architect’s vision and the lived-in domestic environment.

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