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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Pacific Theatre’s production of John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea is a moving, funny and provocative performance. Directed by Jason Goode and starring Aleks Paunovic and Lori Triolo, it is a play that challenges you to think about the nature of self-abuse, forgiveness and our profound need for others. Read my review for Converge Magazine here.

Embedded Generosity

Now that November is here Christmas is lingering at the edge of everyone’s thoughts.  We all want to find that perfect gifts for our loved ones , but (if you are anything like me)  the frenetic consumerism starts to get to get to you after a while. Recently I wrote an article for Converge Magazine about a new business model that is all about giving. Read here about how companies and consumers are creating a new market and, perhaps, be inspired to consider products embedded with generosity this holiday season.

An Awkward Adjective

Pacific Theatre’s creative director Ron Reed has devoted his life to his faith and his art. While the productions undertaken by Pacific Theatre are not proselytizing, they specifically explore Christian themes. “If something is important to Jesus it is going to show up on our stage probably,” said Reed.

More about the founding of Pacific Theatre, art, and faith in my latest article for Converge Magazine.