Parade of Lost Souls

One of the best things about autumn in Vancouver is the Parade of Lost Souls. It is an annual East Van event that celebrates, life, death and every world in between. This year Public Dreams, The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret and Britannia Community Centre are collaborating on the  upcoming celebrations events, workshops and celebrations from Oct 18-29.  The theme is exploring secrets and asking, “What’s the skeleton in your closet?”  But, the biggest secret of all is the exact location of the parade which will only be disclosed on  Oct 29 (the day of the parade). For my photos of last year’s Secret Souls Walk click here.

Photo- Natasha Irvine

2 responses to “Parade of Lost Souls

  1. Hey Natasha,

    I’m the woman in the great white wig on the left side of this photo – any chance I can get a copy?


    • Sure, just as long as you attach my name as a credit and let me know whenever you use it :). Shoot me an email and I’ll send you a high rez photo. I have a few more that I just didn’t bother to put up too if you are interested…

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