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Happy Halloween

Spotted: The Paper Bag Princess and her Dragon. Happy Halloween!

Life & Style with Zara on IndieGoGo

The show that I have been working on since Spring, Life & Style with Zara,  just launched its IndieGoGo campaign. It is a Vancouver-based lifestyle show with a spiritual twist. Check out our commercial, our story and how you can help on IndieGoGo. You can also catch our episodes on CHEK on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. and Sundays at 2:30 p.m. PST.

Seasonal Memories

Yesterday reminded me of the autumn days of my childhood — clear and crisp with sharply slanting light and astonishing splashes of colour in the trees — a rare day in Vancouver. There are so many things I love about the West Coast like the mossy forests and the snowdrops that come out in January. But, on days like yesterday I catch a whiff of the dramatic change in seasons that I experienced growing up on the edge of the Canadian Shield. Two sensory experiences that I miss, and that are even more rare in this climate than a crisp fall day, are the fragrance of pine needles baking on rocks in the sun and snow so crisp it actually sparkles and squeaks underfoot.

Have you relocated? What seasonal or sensory memories take you back?

Photo-Natasha Irvine

Finn Slough

On Sunday I stumbled upon the village of Finn Slough while on a biking adventure in south Richmond. Coming across this tiny village made me feel as though I had fallen into a different time and place. The slough was settled by a Finnish fishing community in the 1880’s and it is still inhabited today. Finn Slough is a favourite subject for both artists and environmentalists. Read about the rich history of the slough on their website and see my photos here.

Photo-Natasha Irvine 

Parade of Lost Souls

One of the best things about autumn in Vancouver is the Parade of Lost Souls. It is an annual East Van event that celebrates, life, death and every world in between. This year Public Dreams, The Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret and Britannia Community Centre are collaborating on the  upcoming celebrations events, workshops and celebrations from Oct 18-29.  The theme is exploring secrets and asking, “What’s the skeleton in your closet?”  But, the biggest secret of all is the exact location of the parade which will only be disclosed on  Oct 29 (the day of the parade). For my photos of last year’s Secret Souls Walk click here.

Photo- Natasha Irvine

Eco Fashion Week

Garment by Jeff Garner of Prophetik from"Rebel Yell" (Spring/Summer 2012).

Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week (October 5 – 7, 2011) was Vancouver’s third annual celebration of eco-friendly fashion. The team of Life & Style with Zara was thrilled to attend at the invitation of the event’s founder Myriam Laroche. It was really quite a fashionable affair and lots of fun to see so many great outfits both on and off the runway. I was able to snap a few photos of some of my favourite outfits including gorgeous garments by Shefelt, Adhesif Clothing Company and Jeff Garner of Prophetik. To see my photos click here.

Photo- Natasha Irvine

Sufi Meditation

Last week the Life & Style with Zara crew went to the Sufi Meditation and Healing Centre in Burnaby. The centre, also called the Rumi Rose Garden, welcomed the crew and did a special 15 minute whirling and chanting session for us. Author, teacher and founder of the Centre, As-Sayed Nurjan MirAhmadi, did an interview with Zara and explained sufi meditation. It was a beautiful and very educational experience for everyone on our team. Thank you to all the members of the centre that came out and to share your faith and your food with us.  To see my photos of whirling dervishes in action click here.

Photo- Natasha Irvine

Life & Style with Zara

Since June I have been writing, co-directing and production managing for Life & Style with Zara. The show is Vancouver’s latest lifestyle show with a flare for finding out what inspires people to do what they do. Our host, Zara Durrani, brings her insight to each episode from her own diverse life experience.

Look for us right now on NOVUS and on CHEK starting Oct. 5. You can  also find the show on YouTubeTwitter and Facebook.

An Awkward Adjective

Pacific Theatre’s creative director Ron Reed has devoted his life to his faith and his art. While the productions undertaken by Pacific Theatre are not proselytizing, they specifically explore Christian themes. “If something is important to Jesus it is going to show up on our stage probably,” said Reed.

More about the founding of Pacific Theatre, art, and faith in my latest article for Converge Magazine.

Spa Like a Finn

The eco-conscious Scandinave Spa at Whistler focuses on traditional Finnish  treatments that will make you glow with happiness and health from the inside out. Read my article for

Photo – Natasha Irvine